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Hand Car Wash Services

We offer two types of Car Washing services along with our Commercial Van Clean six days a week at our site on Cleckheaton Rd, BD12 7AD.

Please see below for more details on both services. We are not like other Hand Car Washes... We take care and pride in the work we complete and WE NEVER USE HARSH CHEMICALS OR TFR !!! We clean your vehicle with the care we use on our own!


The time taken for us to complete a Wash , Wax & Dry is usually 15-20 minutes and you are more than welcome to stay inside the vehicle while we complete the work. We understand there are hundreds of other 'Car Washes' in Yorkshire who can 'wash' your vehicle in 5 minutes, we are NOT the same. We take our time and do the job properly while using quality products that leave a lasting 'patch-free' shine which will keep your car cleaner for longer.

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