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Here at DJB we have been expertly restoring headlights for over 8 years and we this is one of our most popular stand alone services due to the massive impact it has on how the customers can use their vehicles afterwards and our extremely competitive price.

Vehicle manufacturers changed Glass Headlight units to Plastic In an effort to make headlights cheaper aswell as lighter and to prevent cracking and smashing. Modern plastic headlights over time will oxidize, fade, yellow, scratch and pit. The aging of your headlights is not only unsightly but can reduce your night vision by up to 80 percent! 


Here at DJB we can reverse this aging and dulling effect with our headlight restoration service. We use a combination of industry leading Compounds and polishes to make sure the absolute best finish is restored to your headlights!


HEADLIGHT RESTORATION SERVICE - Only £25 Per Pair or £15 for a single Headlight Unit.


Time Taken For Complete Service : 60 Minutes.

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