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Many other valeters 'shampoo' your seats and give you your car back with the upholstery still damp or even WET ... we think this is rediculous!

1) It will stink a day or so later

2) Water lines etc will stain your upholstery making the job effectively pointless

3) How can the valeter be confident the stains have been removed if the seats are still wet?!?!

4) Who wants to use a car with wet or damp seats!?!?!

Here at DJB... we spend the extra time and use the correct equipment to make sure all our customers vehicles are FULLY DRY when we are finished with your vehicle ... Here is an example of the typical results of our 'Seat Deep Cleaning' which is included as standard with our SILVER VALET and GOLD VALET. Standalone service cost if £7 per seat ... all cleaned, De-odorised, most importantly FULLY DRIED and ready to use!

11 Years of experience enables us to do the job right, first time, every time! The standalone service usually takes around 2-3 hours while our Silver and Gold valets take 4-6 hours.


Before Seat Deep Cleaning

£7 Per Seat


full vehicle deep cleaned with SILVER or GOLD VALET

  • Cleaned

  • De-Odorised


  • Ready to use


AFTER Seat Deep Cleaning
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